What James, Diesel and Daisy think of Thomas & Friends: Season 15?

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After Duck watches Season 15, James, Diesel and Daisy dislike this season, so Duck wishes he could be in some of the episodes like Duck, Belle & Flynn Save The Day (which Duck would help Belle and Flynn rescue D261 from a bad fire). I like Season 15.


  • Narrator: One day, James, Diesel and Daisy were at Knapford Sheds, when Duck puffed in.
  • Duck: Hey, guys. What did you think of Season 15?
  • James: Disgusting!
  • Narrator: Put in James.
  • Diesel: Pointless!
  • Narrator: Spluttered Diesel.
  • Daisy: Smelly!
  • Narrator: Grumbled Daisy.
  • Duck: I think it's cool.
  • Narrator: Said Duck. I wish I could be in some Season 15 episodes like Duck, Belle & Flynn Save The Day!
  • James: Who's the narrator when you're watching?
  • Narrator: Asked James.
  • Duck: Michael Angelis.
  • Narrator: Said Duck.
  • Diesel: What plot for Duck, Belle & Flynn Save The Day?
  • Narrator: Asked Diesel.
  • Duck: The plot is: The Diesel D261 returns and refuses to listen to my advice. But he gets himself in a bad fire disaster. So, it's up to me, Belle and Flynn to go to rescue D261.
  • James: Season 15 is a disgusting season!
  • Narrator: Said James.

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