What Led Up to Bambi II (video feature) is a fan-fiction thing to make. It would've appeared on Bambi II: 2-Disc Forest Collector's Edition DVD (2006).


Alexander Gould, Brendon Baerg, and Nicky Jones, the new voices of Young Bambi, Thumper, and Flower, reunite with each other to talk with Brian Pimental, the director of the midquel, about the events that had led up to the Great Prince deciding to look over his son, Bambi.


  • (Fades to a clip from Bambi II, where the Great Prince is mad at Bambi for almost getting himself killed by Man's Dogs.)
  • Bambi: But it was her mother.
  • (Cuts to Bambi waking up from his dream, to hear what is supposedly her mother's voice.)
  • Man (Imitating Bambi's mother's voice): I'm here.
  • (Cuts to Bambi going to the meadow, dazed by the open space here.)
  • Bambi (voiceover): I heard her...
  • (Cuts back to Bambi telling the Great Prince that he heard his mother's voice.)
  • Bambi: ...voice.
  • The Great Prince: It was...
  • (Cuts to Ronno using the stick to sound like one of the deer in the forest.)
  • The Great Prince (voiceover): of Man's tricks.
  • (Ronno spits out the stick onto the snow right by Thumper and Flower.)
  • Bambi (voiceover): She's...
  • (Fades to Bambi asking the Great Prince if her mother's never coming back.)
  • Bambi: ...not coming back,...
  • (Cuts to the Great Prince shaking his head in shame after remembering what Bambi had said to him before leaving with Mena.)
  • Bambi (voiceover): she?
  • (Fades to Bambi sadly turning away from the meadow after first seeing that her mother's not really here.)
  • (Fades to black)
  • (Music starts)
  • (Live-Action Scene: Fades to Alexander Gould, sitting in a director's chair at the studio)
  • (Textbox: Alexander Gould - Voice of Bambi)
  • Alexander Gould: So Bambi's mother has been shot down by hunters,...
  • (Cuts to Alexander Gould talking to Brendon Baerg, Nicky Jones, and Brian Pimental, who are also sitting down in director's chairs, about how the death of Bambi's mother occurred.)
  • Alexander Gould: But how did this all happen? And why is the Great Prince looking over Bambi?
  • Brian Pimental: Well, Alexander Gould, to explain all this, we're going to have to go way back to the beginning of Bambi's life as a fawn.
  • (Bambi II scene: Cuts to Ronno talking to Bambi one final time about his father's disapproval, but the audio is replaced with him getting confused about Bambi's name.)
  • Ronno (voiceover): Bambi? Isn't that...
  • (Cuts to Bambi angrily staring at Ronno.)
  • Ronno (voiceover): ...a girl's name?
  • (Live-Action Scene: Cuts to Brendon Baerg)
  • Brendon Baerg: True.
  • (Textbox: Brendon Baerg - Voice of Thumper)
  • Brendon Baerg: But it's actually what his mother gave him when naming her then-born son.
  • Brian Pimental: So...
  • (Cuts to Brian Pimental)
  • Brian Pimental: ...a long time ago,...
  • (Textbox: Brian Pimental - Director, Writer)
  • Brian Pimental: ...the soon-to-be Great Prince met with Bambi's mother as fawns in a den, and they got along together well, and loved each other very much for quite some time.
  • (Bambi 1 scene: Cuts to a scene with various forest animals going to the mother's den to see the birth of Bambi.)
  • Brian Pimental: Years later, the mother has given birth to her new son in her den,...
  • (Fades to Bambi waking up for the first time to see the sights around him.)
  • Brian Pimental: ...who she then decides to name him Bambi while his father, who is now the Great Prince of the Forest, is watching...
  • (Live-Action Scene: Fades to Brian Pimental)
  • Brian Pimental: ...over them.
  • (Cuts to Nicky Jones)
  • (Textbox: Nicky Jones - Voice of Flower)
  • Nicky Jones: Some time after that, Bambi is curious at all the then-new forest animals that he's seeing while on his forest walk with his mother.

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