Our main goal here at the Made-Up Dictionary(which, for convenience's sake, will be referred to as MUD for the remainder of this article) is to have a lot of fun and hopefully make up some new words and phrases along the way. But, it is possible to ruin all of the good times. Here is what MUD is not...

  • MUD is not a real dictionary Please do not post real words (unless you invent a creative new definition) and do not slip these words into an essay for school.
  • MUD is not something dirty (A bit of a pun there, unintentional though) We are not a porn site, a list of swear words, a shock site, a site with instructions on how to commit crimes, or anything of that nature. Anything dirty will be deleted and the user or users who posted it will be banned for an amount of time decided on a case by case basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Things like racism, sexism, threats of violence, and general ignorance will not be tolerated and permanent bans will be issued. No second chances will be given in cases like this.

  • MUD is not total and unreadable nonsense When writing a definition here, please make it look as you might see if it was in a real dictionary. This means no definition like "it is when u take a poop bt not in the toilt" and especially no "iuafhaoshfda ajfoasjf".
  • MUD is not MySpace It had to be brought up. Please do not turn your userpages into babbling messes of junk. But especially, NEVER give out personal info while on MUD. Depending on the severity of the info given, you may get banned.
  • MUD is not anything besides a dictionary of made up words. By now, you probably realize that MUD is not a newspaper written in Swahili, a catalog of antique Swiss coins, or a cookbook. We plan to stick to our goal and not become any of those things anytime soon.

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