What a Catastrophe Part 2

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Summary from Part 1

Hermann: A Pokémon of the shadows?

Placido: That's right. With this and a little bonus, you might with your friends emerge triumphant.

(The Incident)

Ash: May, get out of there! Team Catastrophe are...

(transmission break)

May: What do you mean Ash? Huh? WHHHHHHHHOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Blaziken, come on.... AH!


May: Uuuuuhhhhhhhh.

(The Match)

Ash: So that's Hooke.

Dawn: Here I go. I better dodge whatever tricks caused Team Unicorn and May to crash. Use Ice Shard!

Hermann: Counter with Hook Guard Thrust!

Dawn: Ah! Was the damage also on me just now? Huh? Whoa!

Ash: No way!

Hermann: She missed? Impossible.

Dawn: What was that? No way! Its using its hook's shadow for attacking.

Hans: What a waste of time.

Nicolas: At this rate, she won't last another attack.

Hermann: Use Hook Thrust!

Ash: Dawn!

All: Watch out!

Second Shadow

Dawn: Its done.

Ash: Dawn.

Misty: Leave the rest to me.

Commentator: Team Unity sends in their second trainer, Misty! Due to the fact Dawn switched without losing, she starts with her own Pokémon and items.

Hermann: Sorry guys.

Nicolas: Just hand it over.

Commentator: Team Catastrophe also sends their second trainer out, Nicolas!

Nicolas: (thinking) At least we dealt some painful damage to Dawn. Defeating Hooke hasn't awakened Jean, Andore or May from their endless shadow comas. I still have that second one. (talking) Let's go Misty! Crushing a Gym Leader like you should double our joys.

Both: Battle!

Nicolas: Go, Tyrale!

Misty: Huh? Unidentified Pokémon? This can't be good. Go, Gyarados! Use, Dragon Rage!

Nicolas: Hah! Use, Doom Explosion! Now taste the power of the shadows! Hooke isn't the only Pokémon of the shadows.

Max: But that means...

Ash: Tyrale is also one!



Ash: Misty!

Bruno: Watch out!

Nicolas: WWWWWHHHAAAAA??????!!!!!!!!! Why is it going on me too?!

Placido: It seems your work is done. I have no further use of you.

Misty: Hang in there Gyarados!


Misty: Nicolas!


Ash: Misty!

Bruno: Hang on!

Misty: Looking for me?

Ash: Whew.

Commentator: Its over! Not only has Gyarados survived that tense blast but Nicolas' Turbo Gear has been destroyed! That means Team Catastrophe loses the match!

Nicolas: Why? Why did you save me back there?

Misty: Can't you see? Again and again, relying on a force like the shadows doesn't make strong trainers. You're going to have think your own strageties for your next battles. Just trust yourselves.

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