Many years passed. The asians flourished in all asian-like abilities. Harrison had taught them everything he knew about asiandom. The asians, feeling grateful for what the magnificent Harrison had done for them, shared with him their love for opium.

Harrison knew that his mark was done. He bid his asian friends goodbye and departed through a portal that he had constructed to return to the realm of the present. (the asians taught him how to make portals)

But before he went through the portal, he discovered there was one loose end, he didnt know what had become of the white people. Because of his inquisitive nature, he decided to go see. He altered the portal to lead to the year 400 AD in Europe, and he was on his way.

When he arrived, he saw what he could not believe. The white people had forgotten all the asians had taught them. They used strange devices instead of magic, and strange weapons instead of martial arts.

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