Question Words???

Account for = explain the cause of

Analyse = break into sub-parts, examine critically

Argue = present reasons for and against

Compare = show similarities and differences

Contrast = stress differences

Criticise = to judge the merits of

Define = declare the meaning of

Describe = give an account of

Discuss = examine by argument, go into for and against

Evaluate = assess the factors involved

Examine = scrutinise or inquire into

Example = fact illustrating general rule

Explain = make meaning clear

Identify = recognise distinguishing features

Illustrate = make clear by example

Interpret = give meaning, explain

Investigate = examine, inquire into, study carefully

Justify = show reasons for decisions or conclusions

Outline = give main features in summary from

Relate = show how factors are connected or interrelated, narrate, recount

Suggest = offer possible reasons for

Summarise = give a brief account without unnecessary detail

Trace = follow through from beginning to end

[From Burgess, L. & Melissas, S. 2003. Making a Difference: Research Guide (CD-ROM), Carlton, VIC: State of Victoria and School Library Association of Victoria (SLAV)]

Where We Have Come From -- Aboriginal – History, Art and Geography

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