What if Digimon Hunters gets a North American dub is Pikachufreak's theory of what might happen if Digimon Hunters gets a North American dub. It will be licensed by Toei Animation and Saban Brands and will air on Disney XD (alongside the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon Season) in 2017.

List of Characters with name changes

  1. Tagiriu Akashi (renamed Donald Thompson) is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  2. Airu Suzaki (renamed Maureen Samson) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (in her return appearance)
  3. Ryouma Mogami (renamed Wendell Valentine) is voiced by Robert Tinkler
  4. Ren Tobari (renamed Ren Burghs) is voiced by Lainie Frasier

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