What if Goosebumps is an animated television series? is a theory by Princess Dynasti.

It shows what if Goosebumps is created into an animated series instead of live-action.


  1. It would be created by Maxwell Atoms.
  2. It might have the same characters and antagonists from the books and the live action series.
  3. Jack Black will voice Slappy while Dee Bradley Baker voices other creatures' voices.
  4. It might have child and teen voice actors (for example: Grant Palmer, Angelina Wahler, etc.) voicing children and teenagers.
  5. The episode order should have the same vein as the book with the dates from the beginning of the same day as the Goosebumps books started.
  • There are also Goosebumps 2000 and Give Yourself Goosebumps books.