What if Hime Chan No Ribbon gets a US dub is Pikachufreak's theory. It will be licensed by It's A Laugh Productions and Saban and will be titled: The Red Ribbon. It will probably air on FOX Kids from 1999-2001.

List of Characters with Name Changes

  1. Himeko Nonohara (nicknamed Alicia Parker) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern (who is behind Mel Syzlak)
  2. Aiko Nonohara (nicknamed Jamie Parker) is voiced by Alyson Court
  3. Yumeko Nonohara (nicknamed Rena Parker) is voiced by Mary Long
  4. Hanako Nonohara (nicknamed Joanne Parker) is voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch
  5. Tarou Nonohara (nicknamed Ramon Parker) is voiced by Ron Pardo
  6. Daichi Kobayashi (nicknamed Andrew Clarkson) is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
  7. Shintaro Kobayashi (nicknamed Percy Clarkson) is voiced by Lainie Frasier
  8. Kouichi Hasekura (nicknamed Matthew "Matt" Kenneth) is voiced by Rino Romano
  9. Sei Arisaka (nicknamed Roy Barnes) is voiced by Peter Kelamis
  10. Hikaru Hibino (nicknamed Shauna Blake) is voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  11. Manami Mori (nicknamed Heather McCoy) is voiced by Lisa Yamanaka
  12. Ichiko Kamikura (nicknamed Sally Anderson) is voiced by Jocelyn Loewen
  13. Pokota (nicknamed Pokey) is voiced by Matt Hill
  14. Princess Erika (nicknamed Princess Erika Harper) is voiced by Colleen O'Saugnessey
  15. Emi Hasekura (nicknamed Andrea Kenneth) is voiced by Maggie Blue O'Hara
  16. Hatsune Yamashita (nicknamed Miss Marina Jordan) is voiced by Ashley Taylor
  17. Yuka Hijiri (nicknamed Mindy Lee) is voiced by Bryn McAuley)
  18. Tetsu Takada (nicknamed Barry Carson) is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince
  19. Shigeo Gori (nicknamed Mr. Marvin Redford) is voiced by Terry McGurrin


Season 1 (1999-2000)

Season 2 (2000-2001)

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