What if I'll Make A Habit of It gets a North American dub is Pikachufreak's theory on how to dub I'll Make A Habit of It (or Chou Kuse Ni Narisou in Japanese) to the US. It will be titled: The Idol Star and will run for thirty-nine dubbed episodes from September 1997 until May 1998 on UPN. It will be licensed by DiC Entertainment for North America.

List of Characters with Name Changes

  1. Nagisa Shiratori (nicknamed Rebecca Norman) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern
  2. Nosaka-kun (nicknamed Bartholomew Harrington) is voiced by Rino Romano
  3. Momoko Prisila (nicknamed Jody Priscilla) is voiced by Jocelyn Loewen
  4. Kumakichi (nicknamed Roley The Panda) is voiced by Dorian Harewood
  5. Makoto Naketake (nicknamed Percival McCormick) is voiced by Matt Hill
  6. Tsunada-kun (nicknamed Frederick Goodwin) is voiced by Richard Yearwood
  7. Kamioka Ryuu (nicknamed Benjamin Hudson) is voiced by Robert Tinkler

List of Episodes

  1. Birth of A Perfect Idol
  2. A Thunderous Showdown
  3. The Perfect Date
  4. Vengeance In Need
  5. Teacher's Secret
  6. The Cheerleader Flowers
  7. Cupid Play
  8. Life Under A Cherry Tree
  9. The Unstoppable Girl Team
  10. Photo Scoops
  11. World's Most Honored Idol
  12. Alligator Love
  13. Youth Ages
  14. Kidnapped In Hong Kong
  15. Sweet and Sassy
  16. Going For The Goal
  17. Double The Dilemma
  18. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  19. Jody's Unlucky Day
  20. A New Guy In Town
  21. Where's Rebecca?
  22. Trouble Afoot
  23. Jody's Big Opportunity
  24. Swiped Attitudes
  25. Acting Like Rebecca
  26. A Cinderella To Remember
  27. Movie Busters
  28. Taken For A Surprise
  29. In For A Deal
  30. Rebecca's Decision
  31. Willing To Feel For
  32. Dangerous Takes
  33. The Fight For Justice Part 1
  34. The Fight For Justice Part 2
  35. Make Your Styles
  36. Pantomimes Part 1
  37. Pantomimes Part 2
  38. Pantomimes Part 3
  39. The Final Concert