What if Kami-Sama Minarai gets a North American dub is Pikachufreak's theory. This is what would happen if Kami-Sama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama gets an English dub. It will be licensed by It's A Laugh Productions and Nelvana, and will air on Teletoon in Fall 2016. The title will be Coco Monsters.

List of Characters with Name Changes

  1. Kokoro Yotsuba (nicknamed Jolene Harrington) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern
  2. Nozomi Sakurai (nicknamed Loretta Cooler) is voiced by Melissa Hutchison
  3. Ayaka Otsuki (nicknamed Fauna Lombard) is voiced by Danielle Judovits
  4. Hina Hoshino (nicknamed Hanna Burghs) is voiced by Alyson Court
  5. Kiyomi Nishina (nicknamed Alana Robin) is voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  6. Makoto Yotsuba (nicknamed Rodrick Harrington) is voiced by Lainie Frasier
  7. Misato Yotsuba (nicknamed Felicia Harrington) is voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch
  8. Koichi Yatsuba (nicknamed Byron Harrington) is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch

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