What if Magical Angel Creamy Mami had an English dub is Pikachufreak's theory on how to dub Magical Angel Creamy Mami in English. It will be licensed by It's A Laugh Productions and DiC in 1993 and will be titled: The Creamy Angel.

List of Characters with name Changes

  • Yū Morisawa (nicknamed Lana Sanders) is voiced by Sherry Lynn.
  • Megumi Ayase (nicknamed Marcia Westwood) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern
  • Hayato Kidokoro (nicknamed Burgh Warburton) is voiced by James Sie
  • Midori Kisaragi (nicknamed Barney Hopkins) is voiced by Bob Papenbrook
  • Natsume Morisawa (nicknamed Hilary Sanders) is voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  • Tetsuo Morisawa (nicknamed Mortimer Sanders) is voiced by Rino Romano
  • Toshio Ōtomo (nicknamed Clark Matthews) is voiced by Tom Gibis
  • Pino Pino (nicknamed Ping Ping) is voiced by Ron Rubin
  • Shingo Tachibana (nicknamed Jerome Edwards) is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal
  • Mamoru Hidaka (nicknamed Horace Winston) is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince

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