What if Nurse Angel Ririka SOS is dubbed in English is Pikachufreak and Princess Dynasti's Theory. This is what happens when It's A Laugh Productions and DiC dub Nurse Angel Ririka SOS and name it: The Nurse Angel.

List of Them

  1. Ririka Moriya (nicknamed Daniela Lamar) is voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  2. Seiya Uzaki (nicknamed Christopher Wendell) is voiced by Wendee Lee
  3. Nozomu Kanō (nicknamed Herbert Carlson) is voiced by Michael Lindsay
  4. Princess Helena (nicknamed Princess Helen Redman) is voiced by Laura Bailey.
  5. Karin Mizuhara (nicknamed Bethany Gilinski) is voiced by Philece Sampler
  6. Anna Kazami (nicknamed Anna Loewen) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.
  7. Miyuki Kuwano (nicknamed Abigail Thompson) is voiced by Susan Laney Dalton.
  8. Mimina (nicknamed Kerry Ferguson) is voiced by Ashley Taylor.
  9. Buros (nicknamed Bruno Kendall) is voiced by Ogie Banks.
  10. Dewey (nicknamed Dewey Gillard) is voiced by Matt Hill.
  11. Keto (nicknamed Ken Timberlake) is voiced by Will Friedle.
  12. Regi (nicknamed Reginald Mendoza) is voiced by Tom Gibis.

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