What if Pastel Yumi gets a North American dub is Pikachufreak's theory on how to license Pastel Yuni to North America by DiC Entertainment in 1990, under the title: The Pastel Idol. It will run for a total of twenty-five episodes in dubbed order.

List of Characters with name changes

  1. Yumi Hanazono (renamed
  2. Kakimaru (renamed
  3. Keshimaru (renamed
  4. Kyōhei Misawa (renamed
  5. Kenta Misawa (renamed
  6. Ichirō Hanazono (renamed
  7. Momoko Hanazono (renamed
  8. Mrs. Fukurokōji (renamed
  9. Kunimitsu (renamed
  10. Dankichi Hanazono (renamed
  11. Musutaki (renamed

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