This is SuperMalechi's theory of what would Season 3-8 of Thomas and Friends be like if Ringo Starr had narrated them for US audiences instead of George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon, and he is the only British narrator to only narrate those seasons for US audiences.

  1. His voices for S4 Sir Handel, the Diesel 261 and Spencer voices would sound similar to his Gordon voice.
  2. His voices for Bulgy, George, Bulstrode, the Horrid Lorries and Arry would sound similar to his Diesel voices.
  3. His Mavis, Rosie (if Rosie appeared in the classic series), Caroline, Lady Hatt, Dowager Hatt, Old Slow Coach and Elizabeth voices would sound similar to his Daisy voice.
  4. His Oliver, Duke, Rusty, Old Bailey, Harvey and voices would sound similar to his Toby voice.
  5. His Salty voice would sound like a pirate.
  6. His Stepney, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Derek voice would sound similar to his Percy voice.
  7. His Duncan voice would be similar to his Donald and Douglas voice.
  8. His voices for the other characters would be the same as in Seasons 1-2.

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