What if Saban Entertainment dubbed Bannertail: The Story of Gray Squirrel into English. This would to be aired on Nick Jr. in August 8, 1988 to January 8, 1993 at United States, Family Channel on Canada and Nine Network on Australia.


  • Banner
  • Sue
  • Grandfather
  • Clay
  • Lori
  • George and Robert (Gocha and Radōru)
  • Allan (Akācho)
  • Uncle Owl
  • Mother Cat
  • Non
  • Nen

Voice Actors

  • Kirsten Bishopric as Banner
  • Sonja Ball as Sue
  • Terrence Scammell as Grandfather
  • Barbara Pogemiller as Clay
  • Bronwen Mantel as Lori
  • Dean Hagopian as George
  • Steve Kramer as Robert
  • A.J. Henderson as Allan, Uncle Owl
  • Rick Jones as Non
  • Ian Finlay as Nen
  • Pauline Little as Mother Cat



  • The characters would be voiced by all Canadians.