What if Sailor Moon is owned by Nickelodeon is Princess Dynasti's theory.

It shows what happens if Sailor Moon was just owned by Nickelodeon.

List of Them

  1. It will make its Nickelodeon debut on April 9, 2003 and end its run on June 15, 2005.
  2. All 8 seasons will be composed of 20 episodes.
  3. It will use the intro that is the same as the anime version.


  1. It will use the outro in the style of Teen Titans version (showing Sailor Moon with Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Chibi Moon)
  2. It will use the Nickelodeon splat logo.
  3. Here are the voice cast:
    1. Sailor Moon is voiced by Hilary Duff
    2. Sailor Venus is coiced by Amanda Bynes
    3. Sailor Mercury is voiced by Janice Kawaye
    4. Sailor Mars is voiced by Melissa Fahn
    5. Sailor Jupiter is voiced by Grey DeLisle
    6. Sailor Chibi Moon is voiced by Daveigh Chase
    7. Sailor Uranus is voiced by Linda Cardenelli
    8. Sailor Neptune is voiced by Lindsay Lohan
    9. Sailor Pluto is voiced by Ashley Johnson
    10. Sailor Saturn is voiced by Hynden Walch
    11. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon is voiced by Brie Larson
    12. Luna is voiced by Moira Quirk
    13. Artemis is voiced by Will Friedle
    14. Tuxedo Mask is voiced by Ben McKenzie

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