This is SuperMalechi's theory of what would happen if TTTE had 42 stories.


  1. A Scarf For Percy
  2. Percy's Promise
  3. Time For Trouble
  4. Gordon & The Famous Visitor
  5. Donald's Duck
  6. Thomas Gets Bumped
  7. Thomas, Percy & The Dragon
  8. The Arrival of Arthur
  9. Henry's Forest
  10. The Trouble with Mud
  11. No Joke For James
  12. Percy Paints Thomas
  13. Thomas, Percy & The Post Train
  14. Trust Thomas
  15. Mavis
  16. Toby's Tightrope
  17. Edward, Trevor & The Really Useful Party
  18. Buzz Buzz
  19. All at Sea
  20. One Good Turn
  21. Escape
  22. Oliver Owns Up
  23. Tender Engines
  24. Fifteen in Trouble
  25. Duck Helps Percy
  26. Heroes
  27. Percy, James & The Fruitful Day
  28. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure (Last episode to use the S3 music and S1-3 sound effects)
  29. Gordon Goes Forgein (First episode to use the S4 music and S4-7 sound effects)
  30. Mavis and the Lorry
  31. Toby Takes The Road
  32. Gordon in the Sea
  33. The Bossy Diesel
  34. Gordon the Clown Engine
  35. Percy in the Mud
  36. Rosie & James
  37. James' Careless Mistake
  38. Duck, Daisy & The Old Viaduct
  39. Edward Helps Percy
  40. Percy's New Funnel
  41. Rosie's Muddy Accident
  42. Sneezy James
  43. Promise for Toby
  44. Henry's New Friend

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