This is SuperMalevhi's theory of what would happen if TTTE's fourth season had 28 stories.


  1. Patience is a Virture
  2. Peter Sam and the Prickly Problem
  3. High-Speed Gordon
  4. Smokescreen
  5. Fire Escape
  6. Gordon Proves His Point
  7. Sir Handel and Duncan's Race
  8. Gordon Tricks Fergus
  9. Toad Stands By
  10. Bulls Eyes
  11. Thomas & The Special Letter
  12. Harvey To The Rescue/Harvey Comes to Help
  13. Special Attraction
  14. Troublesome Twins
  15. Percy's Porridge
  16. Cab Over Wheels
  17. Foaming at the Funnel
  18. Wired-Up
  19. Crosspatch
  20. Bucking Bronco
  21. Stick-in-the-Muds
  22. Duck and Dukes
  23. Mind That Bike
  24. James and Luke
  25. Bill and Ben's Trouble
  26. The Twins' Passing Problem
  27. No Sleep for Sir Handel
  28. Inspector Patrick

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