What if Tetris Attack becomes a TV Series is Pikachufreak's theory. This what happens when It's A Laugh Productions and Columbia TriStar Television (later Sony Pictures Television) distribute Tetris Attack as a television series based on the 1996 Video Game of the same name and make it run for three seasons and seventy eight total episodes from 1999-2002.

List of Voices

  • Yoshi will be reprised by Andrew Sabiston
  • Lakitu will be voiced by Will Friedle (who earlier voiced Terry McGinnis)
  • Bumpty The Penguin will be voiced by Lainie Fraiser
  • Poochy The Dog will be voiced by Frank Welker
  • Flying Wiggler a.k.a. Flutter will be voiced by Tress MacNeille
  • Prince Froggy will be voiced by Rodger Bumpass (who will make him sound like Squidward Tentacles)
  • Gargantua Blargg will be voiced by Danny Cooksey
  • Lunge Fish will be voiced by Carlos Alazraqui
  • Raphael The Raven will be voiced by Phil LaMarr
  • Hookbill The Koopa will be voiced by Jim Cummings
  • Naval Piranha will be voiced by Michele Morgan (who makes her sound like Sharon Hawkins)
  • Kamek The Magikoopa will be voiced by Rob Paulsen
  • King Bowser Koopa will be reprised by Harvey Atkin

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