What if The Dork Diaries becomes a TV Show is Pikachufreak's theory. This is what might happen when The Dork Diaries makes its Cartoon Network premiere on September 1, 2012, and will end its run on February 27, 2016 with a total of 104 episodes. It is licensed by It's A Laugh Productions and Warner Bros. Animation.

List of Characters with Voice Actors and Actresses

  1. Nikki Maxwell is voiced by Kelly Sheridan (not to be confused with the Cardcaptors character of the same name)
  2. Brianna Maxwell is voiced by Eden Sher
  3. Elizabeth Maxwell is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern
  4. Albert Maxwell is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
  5. Brandon Roberts is voiced by Greg Cipes
  6. Chloe Garcia is voiced by Rosie Perez
  7. Zoey Franklin is voiced by Cree Summer
  8. Mackenzie Hollister is voiced by Jennifer Hale

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