This is SuperMalechi's theory of what if The Simpsons Movie was produced by Paramount Pictures. This movie would've had been released in March 27, 1998 (with Barney's Adventure Fun (with Season 3 costumes and voices, Second Era settings and Randy Newman music) replacing Barney's Great Adventure as Barney's first movie. This would be the same as the real FOX film, except the company would be credited as Paramount and Nickelodeon

Opening Previews

  1. Coming Attractions logo
  2. The Rugrats Movie teaser trailer
  3. Saving Private Ryan trailer
  4. Paramount Means Family Entertainment preview
  5. Paramount Comedy Films preview
  6. Indiana Jones Videos collection
  7. Feature Presentation
  8. Copyright Screen
  9. Format Screen
  10. Paramount Pictures logo (1995)
  11. Start of Film

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