• Released June 8, 1999.
  • This has the same opening and closing as the 1999 Lyrick Studios print of "Very Silly Songs!".

VHS Contents

  1. Lyrick Studios Purplestone Warning
  2. Big Idea logo
  3. Lyrick Studios logo
  4. Welcome to VeggieTales promo
  5. Josh and the Big Wall! trailer
  6. Video Promo 1999
  7. Madame Blueberry trailer
  8. Stay Tuned
  9. Big Idea presents logo
  10. VeggieTales Theme Song
  11. Countertop Intro
  12. The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's Part 1
  13. Monkey
  14. The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's Part 2
  15. Closing Countertop
  16. Credits
  17. Starz Animation logo
  18. Big Idea logo
  19. God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! trailer
  20. Dave and the Giant Pickle trailer
  21. Big Idea logo
  22. Lyrick Studios logo

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