What if Twinkle Star Sprites is an anime is Pikachufreak's theory of what might happen when Twinkle Star Sprites is an anime made for Saban in 1998. It will keep its original title and probably air on FOX Kids.

List of Characters from both games with name changes

  1. Load Ran (renamed Linda Hopkins) is voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.
  2. Yan Yanyang (renamed Lizzy Wong) is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey
  3. Arthur Schmitt (renamed Arthur Bunsen) is voiced by Tom Gibis
  4. Nanja Monja (renamed Fuzzlings) are voiced by Japanese actors
  5. Rabbicat (renamed Rabbitline) is voiced by Matt Hill
  6. Kim (renamed Master Kim) is voiced by James Sie
  7. Meirin Kisaragi (renamed Melinda Cooke) is voiced by Kelly Sheridan
  8. Macky and Pentell (renamed Tina and Willa McPherson) are voiced by Philece Sampler and Jocelyn Loewen
  9. Tinker and Linker (renamed Fauna and Lana Harrison) are voiced by Nicole Oliver in unison.
  10. Really Till (renamed Reba Thompson) is voiced by Julie Lemieux
  11. Really Ries (renamed Yolanda Thompson) is voiced by Reese Whiterspoon.
  12. Time Buttermitt (renamed Lisa Claudette) is voiced by Melissa Fahn.
  13. Friesa Rosemary (renamed Glenda Manson) is voiced by Michelle Ruff
  14. Tenjin Mikoto (renamed Luca Edwards) is voiced by Tifanie Christun
  15. Retam and Merry (renamed Millie and Trixie Aldrin) are voiced by Stevie Bloch and Peggy O'Neal
  16. Marruu and Soran (renamed Dean and Clarissa Marcus) are voiced by Lainie Frasier and Lara Jill Miller
  17. Griffon, Evan and Burn (renamed Christopher, Evan and Bernie O'Donnell) are voiced by Brian Donovan (Christopher), Mona Marshall (Evan) and Lex Lang (Bernie)
  18. Ciel and Vier Ah Ruu (renamed Maverick and Timothy Lamar) are voiced by Michael Reisz and Steven Blum.
  19. Gao Gao (renamed Wilfred Morrison) is voiced by Alex Doduk
  20. Queen Memory (renamed Queen Remembrance) is voiced by Kate Higgins
  21. Mevious (renamed Queen Mischievous) is voiced by Barbara Goodson