What if Urusei Yatsura is licensed by DiC is Pikachufreak's theory on how to license Urusei Yatsura to It's A Laugh Productions and DiC in 1991. It will be titled: The Invasive Girl.

List of Characters with English names and actors

  • Ataru Moroboshi (nicknamed William "Will" Baldwin) will be voiced by Robert Tinkler.
  • Lum Invader (nicknamed Invader Luna McCormick) will be voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern.
  • Shutaro Mendou (nicknamed Harold Swanson) is voiced by James Sie.
  • Shinobu Miyake (nicknamed Alana Harper) is voiced by Bryn McAuley (in a same tone as Jordan Hanson)
  • Ryuunosuke Fujinami (nicknamed Billie Cooke) is voiced by Moneca Stori.
  • Kosuke Shirai (nicknamed Jerald Rockwell) is voiced by Darren Frost.

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