What if the 97 and 98 cups will appear in the US version of Pokémon Stadium is Pikachufreak's theory on how to make the 97 and 98 cups will appear in the US version of Pokémon Stadium.

List of Theories

  1. The 97 Cup will be titled the World Cup, while the 98 Cup will change its name to the Alpha Cup.
  2. The World Cup will feature the following trainers: Rocket, Beauty, Fisher, Jr. F, Jr. M, Pokemaniac, Cool F. and Cool M.
  3. The Alpha Cup will feature Hiker, Sailor, Swimmer, Tamer, Cue Ball, Mr. Fix, Biker and Old Man.
  4. Both of these cups will show Wild Battle Music in Round 1-3, Trainer Battle Music in Round 4-6, Gym Leader Battle Music in the Semifinal and Champion Battle Music in the Final.
  5. The Round 2 version of the World Cup will feature Rocket, Fisher, Jr. F, Beauty, Cool F, Jr. M, Pokemaniac and Cool M
  6. The Round 2 Alpha Cup will be composed of: Swimmer, Hiker, Cue Ball, Sailor, Old Man, Tamer, Mr. Fix and Biker
  7. Over 151 Pokemon are to be allowed.

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