A first and very short description of the term “proletarian of the knowledge” could be

A proletarian of the knowledge is an employee who’s work contributes to the production and management of new knowledge without receiving directly (e.g. via stipend) or indirectly (e.g. via social welfare) the full financial value produced by his work.

As bigger parts of the economy shift towards services and what we call in general third-level production, bigger parts of the population are employed as “knoweldge miners”, ie proletarians of the knowledge. This is particular apparent in the mature western capitalistic economies where the majority of the newly created employment positions require more of mental than physical skills/labor.

The financial and political power of the knowledge-proletarians arises from various characteristics of theirs, epigrammatically:

   * Their increasing number
   * Their mental know-how which often requires higher education
   * Their positioning in strategic sectors for the modern capitalistic economy and national states e.g banking, telecommunications, IT…..

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