First Undertaking

(Written by LordMorgren Mar 4, 2007 9:06 pm PT )

HIM immediately goes to strike the Wolf, but Atma manages to defeat it before he is able to deal the final blow on the enemy. Coveting the dagger in his right hand, HIM gazes a disgusted glance at his comrade for stealing his kill. Had he been in the Northern plane, this would merit a question of unity and loyalty.

Quickly he put his thoughts aside on the matter, for this was new land and new goals had been set forth that must be abided by for the time being. A warm smile settled over his grin, and as he shifted his eyesight for a split second, HIM noticed that the newcomer was in a perilous situation. He had taken a mighty few hits, and the man saw it in his eyes that the end for the martial arts man may not be too far off.

Acting on a will to help his fellow comrade, HIM thrust his body in the heat of battle to further separate Dave from the battle and prepared a spell of curing to aid the man.

"Let this be a lesson to those who charge headfirst into battle... you are not alone."

With a few gestures of handmotion and a well placed touch upon his injured partner, HIM exhaled the warm sensation of curing from his hands and into Dave.

Round 2

GrWOLF : 1-Hit 13-Damage against Dave Mlinko

WOLF4: 1-Hit 8-Damage against HIM

Muteki: Casts Fire on GrWOLF for 34

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 14-Damage against PIRATE1. PIRATE1 is decapitated.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 23-Damage against GrWOLF. The combined effects of Dave and Muteki have severely wounded the GrWolf.

HIM: Casts Cure on Dave Mlinko for 27 HP. A well-timed spell brings Dave Mlinko back from critical condition.

PIRATE3: Misses against Dave Mlinko

WOLF2: 1-Hit 11-Damage against HIM

[Four on four now and the battle rages on with Muteki out of spells and DragonAtma down to his final charge. Please enter your commands for the next round. Possible targets PIRATE3, WOLF2&4, GRWOLF]

[HP Update: HIM 27/55, Muteki 24/47, DragonAtma 29/58, Dave Mlinko 37/61]

(Written by muteki Mar 5, 2007 3:50 pm PT )

Though he has a fair amount of intelligence, Muteki lacked in logic and common sense. He was not the type to let his target get away unless something major were to happen mid-battle, regardless of how futile it may be.

(Written by Lord Morgren Mar 5, 2007 4:25 pm PT)

The battle raged on inside of the Time Lord's ever flowing stream of endless tide. The mana was still present in HIM's system and he noticed the party was once again engaging in a fight that only recently turned in their favor. The spells energy coursed through the veins and bid him glance in the direction opposite the other guests.

With his cold dark eyes, HIM saw one single Pirate now stood on the outskirts, preparing to engage the nearest foe it saw. Reaching to the right side of his belt he clasped the sheath and produced the dagger once more, and leaped towards the Pirate with speed and elegance. A mild grin appeared on his face, and his lips parted to reveal words of wisdom to the man he would lay to rest this day.

"Time for you to pay the Reaper his due.... and I doubt he likes tuna on bread."

HIM outstretches the right arm and slashes in the Pirates direction, letting the fleeting mana guide his movements as he hopefully struck the fatal mark.

fsablazingsoul: [Excellent story as always]

Round 3

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 21-Damage against DragonAtma

WOLF2: Misses against Dave Mlinko

Muteki: 1-Hit 11-Damage against GrWOLF. The gray wolf can barely stand up.

PIRATE3: 1-Hit 10-Damage against HIM

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 17-Damage against WOLF4. WOLF4 is gushing vital fluids.

HIM: 1-Hit 16-Damage against PIRATE3. The mana courses from HIM's outstretched dagger into the unfortunate pirate.

WOLF4: 1-Hit 7-Damage against HIM

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 11-Damage against WOLF2. Terminated.

Three wounded enemies stare back at our four adventurers, three of which have blood flowing from their wounds. The enemies fight on as bravely as the adventurers.

Round 4

Muteki: Misses against WOLF2

WOLF4: Misses against HIM

DragonAtma: Casts Fire on GrWOLF for 22. Terminated.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 19-Damage against WOLF4 Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 166 experience and 43 gold

[Akin to Dragon Warrior, I will tabulate level ups back in town once quests are completed.]

[HP Update: HIM 10/55, Muteki 24/47, DragonAtma 8/58, Dave Mlinko 37/61]

Following your grueling battle against the pirates and wolves, you each pick up as much ore as you can possibly carry and begin to make your way back to town. You silently make your way back to the mine entrance, thinking of your fellow adventurers and their contributions in this quest. It's about time to wrap this one up and visit the smith for some upgrades.

As you exit the cave, you find five imps picking at the corpses of the wolves you slaughtered earlier. They look up at you and draw their weapons as you drop your ore to fight.

muteki: DEATH TO ALL Imp2s!!!

Round 1

Muteki: 1-Hit 5-Damage against IMP2.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 18-Damage against IMP5. The imp dies in fits of twitching agony.

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 5-Damage against IMP1.

IMP3 : 1-Hit 1-Damage against Muteki

IMP4 : 1-Hit 4-Damage against HIM

IMP2 : Misses against Muteki. The imp cannot focus after Muteki stabs him.

HIM: 1-Hit 5-Damage against IMP1. HIM finishes the imp DragonAtma wounded.

Three imps are left standing, one badly wounded. They know now they made a mistake by not fleeing from you.

Round 2

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 4-Damage against IMP3

IMP2: Misses against Muteki

Muteki: Misses against IMP2. Muteki and IMP2 are locked onto one another.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 16-Damage against IMP4. Terminated.

HIM: 1-Hit 6-Damage against IMP3. Terminated

Round 3

DragonAtma: 1-Hit 9-Damage against IMP2. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 15 experience and 7 gold

With a heavy load of ore, you return to the city and the weapon shop owner. "Thankee, kiddo. With this 'ere metal, I kin make four items. Pick'em wisely. Iffen ya need more metallics, ye need to go back to the mines for more ore." With that said, he hands you a list of possible items -- a rapier, a chainmail, and an iron hammer. Each of you can pick one item and the recipient for that item. Of the members of your group, only the red mage benefits from this and they can equip rapiers and chain mails.

The smithy accepts DragonAtma's and Muteki's requests and goes into the back room to … hammer out the details. He returns a short while later and procures two chain mails. DragonAtma happily adorns his while Muteki respectfully hands the chainmail he requested to HIM.

Muteki then tips his straw hat and wanders over to the inn for some shuteye.

(Written by LordMorgren)

HIM approaches the Smith and requests a Rapier to be made for himself, then goes to the INN for resting while the Smith completes the tasks. Upon awakening from a good nights rest, he returns to the Smith and is informed that a suit of Chain Mail armor was made in his name by his comrade Muteki, and he accepts both items and equips them. At this time, HIM recalls the gold that was given to purchase the CURE spell, and he happily returns the favor and gives Dave the approximate 45 Gold, leaving himself with 20 Gold.

"I'd just like to say thank you to Muteki for the piece of armor. Also if we combine some gold, I will be able to purchase another spell that would hopefully benefit us in the near future. A spell of Sleep would be very useful when encountering a group of enemies.... unless we engage in a mostly undead battle I mean. If we are going to the swamps, which we should, then I believe it will be invaluable to all of us."

HIM will listen to everybody on the matter at hand, and decide to follow them when they leave for the swamp area and possibly purchase the needed spell if the funds are provided.

(Written by In2DaBMage Mar 8, 2007 6:35 pm PT )

Dave returned after a brief nap at the inn.He saw several of his comrades buying and selling weapons,but he didnt join in,because he had a nagging matter to attend to.

Dave left the city walls and went back to the sight of the previous battle he had vs two Wolves.The corpse that they were chewing on earlier was still there.Dave thought he recognized the dead body,but he was still not sure who it was.And then it hit him.......

The attack...........

The escape............

I fought those pirates,then I was knocked out on the raft when I was heading back............

Erin was with me.........


Then he remembered the robes she was wearing,and he started sprinting over to the corpse.Surely enough,it was Erin.Dave started sobbing uncontrollably,the tears running down on his face like a waterfall.


Dave then got up,seething.Whoever did this was going to pay.Everyone had their flame in life,the one thing they truly admired and loved.Erin was Dave's flame.Now that flame was extinguished,and now the killer was going to die.Dave smiled as he imagined the various ways he would hurt her murderer,and in the end,he or she would beg for Dave to finish them off.

Dave started laughing,but there was no humor in the laugh at all.His smile was merely a death-head's grin.He then assumed the look of the most dangerous of men,the one with nothing left to lose.

Dave picked up her lifeless body and headed back towards Corneria.No monster dared come out to pick a fight.Dave was in his element now,and he was ready to do what he was born to do,to kill.

Second Undertaking

Resume from Save the Princess


The owner of the white magic store was bored. It was a slow day. The days were always slow. Everyone wanted to be the cool mage who rained down death among their opponents. Nobody wanted to be a white mage. His children were hungry, his wife was nagging him to make something of himself. Perhaps he would apply for the recently vacated guard position at the castle. As he began to move from the counter to lock up for the day, a man walked in. Cap slightly askew, robes worn from travel and hardship, and a bit of a demented look in his eyes. The man strode up to the counter, and waited. "Anything catch your fancy?" the owner said, wary of this man. "Harm" was the only thing that came out of his mouth. And out of his pouch came 100 G. Procuring the spell for the mage, he finally recognized him. He was one of the lesser known adventurers who had rescued the his Princess! However, with the spell purchased, he was quickly exiting the store. "Wait a sec! I just wanna shake your hand!" said the owner as he strode out from behind the counter. Extending his hand, his handshake was turned away by a rap on the knuckles from the mage's staff. Shaking his hand in pain, he heard the white mage mutter as he walked away "Zombies. Zombies everywhere. All around me. Never ending. To the left. To the right. Make it stop......make it stop........please?"

(Dave Mlinko)

Dave sat in a village pub,watching the events of a card game over at the next table and debating his next move.A bridge was named after him to transport people across to the land of Pravoka,but he wasnt sure if thats where he wanted to go.The work was good on Coneria,and there was rarely a dull moment for him.If he traveled to Pravoka,he wouldnt know his place there.He would have a group of adventurers backing him,sure,but Dave always functioned best when it was just him and the enemy in front of him.Nothing was as simple for Dave as taking up weapon and cracking skulls.

Dave,however,had a discussion with the Princess that showed why stayin in Coneria WASNT so simple..It all started when the Princess tried to seduce her "hero",but that attempt to woo him ended when Dave explained the situation with Erin,leading to the Princess producing this exchange.

Princess:Trust me,I know girls like Erin.She probably loves you,but your too wrapped up in fighting everything in the world to notice.

Dave:I rarely fought when I was young,becuase I too captivated by her.

Princess:Girls.....have an intiution for this,Dave.She probably longed for you as much as you longed for her,but you could never notice,Dave.

Dave:Well then why didnt she come out directly?

Princess:Because your psycho,Dave.Ive heard of you fighting road signs for no reason other than it being there.You have no reign over your temper,and no control over your own actions.How will Erin be sure that staying wiht a man

Dave:That isn't true!

Princess:Then how can you prove it?

The answer was in Dave's head,but he couldnt form it into words.The answer was that he could be a changed man by bringing the girl of his dreams away from the jaws of death.Just like your cliche story about knight saving princess from evil force.

He could change for Erin's sake.He could change due to the sheer weight of the miracle performed to bring Erin back to life,turning him from the cold-hearted mercenary for hire he was into a perfect hero he should be.

Which was why Dave was here,in this very Pub,trying to work out whether to stay here and take the easy way out,or try to turn around his life and become a new person.He was downing ale by the pticher in an attempt to make his decision clear.

Dave drank deeply and watched the card game.The corrupt fingers of the dealer moved like a whirlwind as he dealed the cards to the other four players.Two rather tough-looking non-players were reading a sheet with a recently posted bounty on it.

"Wanted:The Black Belt fighting trainee Audrey.She roams the waters between Elfland and Pravoka along with a crew of buccaneers.She is wanted for murder,theft over 1000G and destruction of essential supplies.Sounds tough for us,but we should be able to get her,right guys?"

The name Audrey stuck in her head with a significance Dave could not figure out.Then,through the haze of the alcohol,it hit him.Audrey was DAve's best friend in the dojo where he trained,and was one of the few people that could understand Dave.She was really the only person that ever cared for Dave's problems,and Dave wondered why she had turned into a bandit ruling over the seas.

The next line was the real kicker,and the one that would ultimately be a life-changing moment for Dave.

"Is known to be conspiring with Bikke the pirate and is armed and dangerous.Terminate with extreme prejiduce.The reward is 2000 gold pieces.Looks like a good job for us"

The others at the table nodded in agreement.Dave stood rooted to his chair.Somewhere in his mind,a gear clicked,a wheel turned,and his normal ideals slowly came back to Dave.Cinder Island was destroyed by the very crew located in a place where he just got access to due to a bridge constructed in his honor.

Looks like Tenchi was right all along.There is a god up there providing some divine intervention

"Hey" Dave said,standing up and moving over to the other table."I couldnt help but overhear your conversation.Repeat that last part"

"Is known to be conspiring with Bikke the pirate and is armed an-"


"Is known to be conspir-"


The man with the bounty warrant stood up and went face-to-face with Dave.

"Do you need a new set of ears,you muscle dummy?"

Dave punched him hard in the stomach and the man doubled over in pain.He then mustered some some effort and took his hammer out of his holster on his back.He tried and overhand swing,but Dave stopped the hammer attack with one hand and kicked the weapon right out of the man's hand.Dave then punched him directly in the nose and knocked him down and out of the fight.

His comrade then stood up and unsheathed a rapier.Dave noticed the man was wearing the trademark leather armor of a bounty hunter,but wasnt afraid.The hunter sliced at Dave and watched as Dave deftly sidestepped the attack.His rapier got stuck in the table Dave was behind,so as he tried to pull out the blade Dave slipped behind him and broke his neck with a very swift twist.

The five card players took this series of events as a cue to vacate the Pub,as well as the rest of the customers once they realized that the very same Dave Mlinko who had built up a reputation as the best brawler in all of the land was on a rampage,fueled by the mountain of ale pitchers at his table.

The bartender called for the guards to escort Dave out of the Pub.Dave then smiled and pulled the nunchucks.The village guards made things more interesting.

The first guard came at him with a sword.DAve managed to attack faster,and he swung high,dislodging his helmet.The guard glanced breifly at his helmet felling down and Dave took advantage by delivering a roundhouse kick to the head while the guard was distracted.

The second guard looked briefly at his downed ally,then went at Dave with a spear.To say he was unsuccessful with his attack is a criminal understatement.Dave dodged the clumsy attacks,then finally had enough and parried one attack with his nunchucks,leading to a jab with the free hand hitting him in the eye.the inept guard tried to get up quickly,but dave got him in a control position before he could stand and started choking him with the aid of his nunchucks until he stopped moving.

Dave then looked around at his surroundings,picked up a pitcher,and chucked it at the bartender.

"That should cover the cost of my drinks"

With that squelch out of the way,dave limbered outside to find two people who had accompanied him earlier,Guy and John,having a fight with their wooden sticks.

Dave snorted in disbelief. "Why are you two fighting with these cheese sticks?" he asked,taking one from John and examining it closely."You should be getting some better material"

Guy and John tried to point out that they couldnt really use much else,but Dave would have none of it.

"Come with me to the mines,I can get some ore that can be whipped up into a nice weapon for you guys."

Without turning to see his they were following him to the mines,Dave strided away towards the mines,looking to pick another fight while the warmth of the alcohol still flowed through him.


As the dust from the battle settled, John looked around and thought to himself that this place seems very familiar. It was just at that moment that John started wondering just why was he in this place when he woke up. Something that happened in the past perhaps, before he woke up? He just couldn't remember, but fighting there, that day definitely brought back something, he just couldn't place his finger on it. John didn't want to worry too much about it now though, as there were more important tasks at hand.

Later that day, John entered the White Magic shop and purchased the FOG spell for himself. As he exited the store he saw Dave and Guy passing by. He greeted them and ask where they were going. They said they were going to the mines for some ore. John was getting a little sick of his wooden stick so he decided to accompany them on their little journey.

Dave, Guy, and John

[Continuing from Dave's lead-in]

Dave had been on this errand before. As the three strode from the Cornelian walls to the northwestern mines, Dave told them of the wolves guarding the entrance and of the bandits inside controlling the wolves with an unusual collar. The magi felt more at ease with Dave's nunchucks leading the way, and Dave knew there were plenty of heals to keep things moving.

They reached the mine entrance. The smell of decay no longer lingered from their earlier encounter with the wolves. In fact, a new pack of wolves had already claimed this region and sensed the intruders. There were four of them and they were ready for a meal.


Having calmed down somewhat from the onslaught of zombies, and being used to being around actual living beings again, Guy pondered what he was doing in this whole quest. Why was he here? What was the point? Others seemed to have a sense of....purpose. Of direction. While traveling with HIM in the temple, he had questioned him about his purpose, but was rebuffed, not unkindly. HIM was a man who you could depend on, that much was proven already, but he preferred to be alone. Trailing along with John, he thought about the Black Belt that had beaten him in combat once before. That he had a purpose on his journey was easy to notice. It would be getting that purpose out of him that would be the hard part. Dave was not inclined to have idle discussion. Certainly while not imbibed with hearty mead as he was now. Pondering what his place, he was stopped by Dave's arm.

"We're here".

4 wolves guarded the entrance. A welcome LIVING foe. Before he knew it, the other adventurers had engaged two wolves. Cursing himself for his daydreaming, Guy moved to engage the third wolf from the left.

Battle 1

Round 1

WOLF3: Misses against John

Guy: Misses against WOLF1

WOLF1: Misses against Dave Mlinko

John: 1-Hit 17-Damage against WOLF2. John chuckled, "I might actually miss this wooden stick"

WOLF4: 1-Hit 14-Damage against Guy

WOLF2: 1-Hit 10-Damage against John

Dave Mlinko: Misses against WOLF3. A rough first round stiffens the warriors' resolve.

[HP Update: Dave 99/99, Guy 70/84, John 70/80. A rough first round with only one wolf wounded. Please enter your commands for round 2.]

Round 2

WOLF3: Misses against Guy

WOLF4: 1-Hit 13-Damage against Guy

Guy: 1-Hit 19-Damage against WOLF4. The wolf is nearly dead.

Dave Mlinko: Misses against WOLF3. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but these wolves were peskier than usual.

John: 1-Hit 19-Damage against WOLF2. Terminated

WOLF1: 1-Hit 15-Damage against John

[HP Update: Dave 99/99, Guy 57/84, John 55/80. Please enter your commands for the next round. WOLF134 remain.]


Dave was not feeling good at all.

The fight was supposed to be easy,he had taken four wolves by himself once,but yet him and two others couldnt turn the trick.The ale was about to send him a bill for his services as well,lowering Dave's effectiveness in combat.

But then he remembered that he was Dave Mlinko.He was no longer worried.

His comrades were taking the brunt of the damage and looked like they were feeling it,but Dave was unperturbed.They could take care of themselves with healing,he just had to worry about him and the enemy in front of him.Reliance on that one motto could get him places.Namely,at a place in front of Bikke,introducing him to the business end of his shoe.

Dave went after the first wolf,who seemed too focused on the mages to notice Dave.

Round 3

WOLF3: 1-Hit 14-Damage against Guy

WOLF4: 1-Hit 6-Damage against Guy

WOLF1: 1-Hit 8-Damage against Dave Mlinko

John: Critical! 1-Hit 32-Damage against WOLF3. Smush!

Guy: Misses against WOLF4

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 29-Damage against WOLF1. Terminated. Dave finally felt a sweet crack under his nunchuck.


John: 1-Hit 11-Damage against WOLF4

WOLF2: Misses against Guy

Guy: 1-Hit 13-Damage against WOLF4. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 64 experience and 8 gold

Dave knew what was coming next as they strode into the mines. As they approached the spot where the walls bled into ore, he held his hand up to halt the two magi. He crept forward several feet, searching for movement, but it was too late.

Battle 2

A collared gray wolf lept from the darkness and separated Dave from his white-robed allies. Separately, a pirate and two collared wolves approached John and Guy. The pirate's shouts echoed through the caverns "Yer the murderin' thieves that keeled mah friends. Now yoll be food for mah pets!"

[HP Update: Dave 91/99, Guy 37/84, John 55/80. Please enter your command and let me know if you healed between battles. Targets for John and Guy include PIRATE and WOLF12. Target for Dave is GrWOLF.]


Making his way down the tunnel after the skirmish, Guy tried to ponder his purpose in this mission. Unfortunately, he knew his purpose, get the ore so he could try his skills with a hammer. He still did not know his greater mission, but the pain of his earlier wounds, while lessened somewhat, still ached. He started to wonder if the innkeeper at Cornelia hadn't coated his favorite bed in wolf scent. Suddenly, a grey wolf jumped out and engaged Dave. A pirate flanked by two regular wolves approached the two white mages and began to speak. However, Guy's attention was only on the wolves. He would leave the pirate to John. It was payback time. Payback in the form of his staff across the face of Wolf1.

Round 1

Guy: Casts Cure on himself for 18 HP

GrWOLF: Critical! 1-Hit 29-Damage against Dave Mlinko. Dave half yells, half growls in pain.

WOLF2: Misses against Guy

WOLF1: 1-Hit 15-Damage against John

Guy: Misses against WOLF1

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 19-Damage against GrWOLF. A solid counter to the gray wolf's bite.

John: 1-Hit 18-Damage against PIRATE. The pirate dies in fits of twitching agony.

[HP Update: Dave 62/99, Guy 55/84, John 40/80. Please enter your command. Dave vs GrWOLF and Guy/John vs WOLF12]

Round 2

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 20-Damage against GrWOLF

Guy: 1-Hit 11-Damage against WOLF1

WOLF1: Misses against Guy

WOLF2: 1-Hit 12-Damage against Guy

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 20-Damage against Dave Mlinko. Dave and the wolf wail on each other once again.

John: 1-Hit 14-Damage against WOLF2

[HP Update: Dave 42/99, Guy 43/84, John 40/80. Please enter your command. Dave vs GrWOLF and Guy/John vs WOLF12. All wolves are very wounded at this point.]

Round 3

WOLF1: Misses against Dave Mlinko

GrWOLF: 1-Hit 15-Damage against Dave Mlinko

WOLF2: 1-Hit 7-Damage against Guy

John: 1-Hit 15-Damage against WOLF2. Terminated.

Dave Mlinko: 1-Hit 29-Damage against GrWOLF. The gray wolf is nearly dead.

Guy: 1-Hit 13-Damage against WOLF1. Terminated.


GrWOLF: 1-Hit 21-Damage against Dave Mlinko

John: 1-Hit 11-Damage against GrWOLF. Terminated.

Victory: Party members gain 120 experience and 24 gold

No worse for wear, the three adventurers gather as much ore as they can carry.

With a heavy load of ore on your backs, you return to the city and the weapon shop owner. "Thankee, kiddo. With this 'ere metal, I kin make two items for each of ya. Pick'em wisely. Iffen ya need more metallics, ye need to go back to tha mines for more ore." With that said, he hands you a list of possible items -- a rapier, a chainmail, and an iron hammer (requires 2 ore).

[All three of you are free to select your reward of choice. Feel free to rest at the inn (recommended) or make any final purchases because, unless you are opposed, I will group the three of you with HIM into Pravoka Group II next update.]

Dave on the Lam

Dave had stared at the walls holding bounty notices,and the walls stared back at him.He didnt see the notices for various wanted theives and pirates,but rather he saw a crude sketch of his face on the poster.

Dave thought,while sitting at a table quaffing ale faster than the beautiful female servers could bring it to him,that his boisterousness would eventually catch up to him,but he still couldnt believe that he,the mighty slayer of Garland,was wanted for murdering two village guards.

Dave stayed around the back of the pub with Guy,who had lost the coinflip to John to see Dave through his nightly excursion to the local taverns to celebrate his day.Dave didnt really care.He had proven that he could take care of himself and didnt feel the need for some extra help,but the two insisted that he have an escort,although both seemed rather reluctant to do the actual escorting.Dave smiled when he saw John literally grow a pair of wings and fly as far away from the pair as possible after Guy was chosen to watch Dave.

So now Dave was building a mountain of empty ale glasses but amazingly showed little discernible effect from the mead.Guy's eyes were as large as dinner plates.Dave laughed at him,then kept drinking.He felt great,and rather confident that after today,he could go out and hunt Bikke and Audrey down and get his long-awaited revenge.

Then the glow was erased,and the credo that Tenchi,his sensei and master karateka,had emphasized was now taking effect

Just when it looks like everything is great,just when all seems right with the world,everything unravels.

Guy saw the warning signs first when a helmetless guard wearing heavy body armor started bulldozing every table between the door and Dave's table in an attempt to go after the two.Guy started prodding Dave and pleading for him to get up,but it was no use,Dave was concentrating hard on a faster way to get beverage in his mouth and was thus not aware of the guard.

"You there,what is you name?" The guard asked

Dave vaguely remembered Guy pleading with the guard to leave him alone becuase he was intoxicated,but the guard queried for Dave again.

"Mister,you are wanted for the murder of two esteemed guards of Coneria Castles' many villages.Come with me."

Dave stood up and appeared to comply with his orders at first.The guard led Dave towards the pub's exit.

Every man in the pub knew Dave.They loved him,despite his many faults,becuase he had killed garland and saved the fair princess.Not surprisingly,there were loud sounds of discontent from the locals seeing their hero led away.One of them threw an empty ale glass that hit the guard right in the head.The guard turned around and went after the thrower,hefting his custom-made two-handed sword.

Dave saw the guard run,then sensed his opportunity.He turned around and,using a table as a springboard,unleashed a ferocious jump kick that nearly separated the guard's head from his shoulders.The loud clatter of the guard hitting the Pub floor was heard and then silence erupted except for Guy hyperventilating in the corner.Dave then heard the guard mutter his dying words

"After my brother.....kills Commander are finished........."

Guy started trying to escape the pub at this point,and managed to bring Dave with him.They ran out of the city,rested briefly near the city walls,then ran again,trying to escape form the deed Dave had done.They stopped at a collection of mud huts wiht a half-decent inn and decided that this would be the best place to lie low.Dave remembered being shoved into a room and falling on a rather hard sleeping bag,while Guy detoured to a separate room to spend the night.He was fatigued and had drunk 15+ glasses of ale.He was ready for sleep,but the memory of the kill hung with him,mainly because it was the first time he had killed someone without enjoying it.

Is this what it feels like to be normal?

Sleep then gradually took Dave.He slept surprisingly well on the sleeping bag padded with rocks,but then had the enlightening experience of waking up becuase a bucket of cold water was thrown on him.Dave then woke up and stumbled out of the "inn".He gradually got the feel of the ground and deemed himself ready to travel.Dave and Guy then walked to the bridge,joining John and HIM,who were there and waiting for the two.

Guy spoke up.

"Guys,Dave just killed a city guard,so we have to cross the bridge and hightail it to Pravoka.We cant stay here anymore."

John and HIM appeared surprised,but then they remembered Dave's track record in battle along with his reputation as someone who could kill in an instant,so then set off across the perilous bridge,leaving what felt like their home behind them.

Continue to Journey to Pravoka (Pravoka Group 2)

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