• Timon (The Lion King) as Larry the Cucumber
  • Tatina (Timon and Pumbaa) as Petunia Rhubarab


  • Narrator:and now is time for Obscure Broadway Show Tunes With Timon. The Part the Show Where Timon Come Out an Obscure Broadway Show Tunes Without Further ado, From the Unknown Musical "Office Supplies," the Heart-rending love song, Where Have All Staplers Gone?
  • Timon:We Don't Have Much time Before the big Meeting
  • Tatina:No. No. We Don't
  • Timon: have you seen the scissors Miss?
  • Tatina: They're in the bottom drawer
  • Timon: I tried that drawer but they're there no more
  • Tatina: that's odd
  • Timon: I know I thought for sure
  • Tatina: Have you see the masking tape?
  • Timon: It's right next to the phone
  • Tatina: That's what I thought but now its not
  • Timon: hmmmmm
  • Tatina: I guess I should have known
  • Both: Oh oh where have all the staplers gone? Whats happened to our paper clips
  • Tatina: the ball point pens are gone again
  • Timon: they're gone again?
  • Both: our stick it pads have lost their stick! Do you remember when
  • Timon: The rubber bands were in their place
  • Tatina: they're in the middle drawer
  • Rubber Bands: Middle Drawer, Middle Drawer
  • Timon: light bulbs easy to replace
  • Tatina: Yes
  • Timon: There were always more
  • Tatina: Reams of paper raining down
  • Paper: raining, raining, down
  • Both: legal pads a plenty
  • Legal Pads: they're legal
  • Tatina: highlighters in every hue
  • Timon: I remember
  • Both: never less than twenty! Oh Oh where have all the staplers gone? what happened to our paper clips?
  • Timon: The ballpoint pens are gone again
  • Tatina: They're gone again
  • Both: We've run out of packing slips
  • Tatina: one day my prints will come
  • Timon: please reload the toner
  • Tatina:Someday we'll find more of
  • Timon:our manila folders
  • Tatina:someday my prints will come
  • Timon:wheres the printer cable?
  • Tatina: someday we'll find more of
  • Both: perhaps he will bring labels oh oh where have all the staplers gone? whats happened to our paper clips,
  • Paper Clips/Staplers:Paper Cilps
  • Timon:the ballpoint pens are gone again
  • Tatina: they're gone again
  • Both: our sharpies all have lost their tips, where have all the staplers gone
  • Narrator: This has been Obscure Broadway Show Tunes With Timon .Tune in for act two:Revenge of the Staplers

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