Australia is an ancient land that has under gone rapid change. Although its documented history is short, it showcases the various facets of human character which are reflected in its culture, art, geography and politics. This wiki is about understanding the human agent in the history of Australia from the precolonial period to federation and how this has impacted on Australian identity, culture, geography and art.



Australia from Pre-colonisation to federation

Term 1, 2008 Grade 7

This term you will begin an exploration of the history, geography and art of early Australia and how it has shaped our nation. Over the term you will be required to evaluate and synthesise what you learn to produce various pieces for a portfolio including written, dramatic and artistic representations.

For each topic use the following links to access information and resources.


Aboriginal – History, Art and Geography -- Colonisation – History, Art and Geography -- Industrialisation – History, Art and Geography -- Federation – History, Art and Geography

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