Whiff is a garbage engine on Thomas' branchline, but sometimes works on Norramby branch too. He is a dirty, grubby shade of green, but underneath it is another color.

One morning, Sir Topham Hatt gave the engines their jobs. Thomas had to help Mavis at the quarry, Duck was to work with Neville, Gordon the express, Henry to take logs to Molly, and James to take coal trucks.

Sir Topham Hatt: And Whiff, you are to help Percy with a very important job.

Whiff: What job?

Sir Topham Hatt: Wait and see.

Whiff arrived at Knapford Station, and Percy was already there with the mail.

Percy: Hello, Whiff!

Whiff: Hello, Percy. {sighs}

Percy: What's wrong, Whiff?

Whiff: I have to take the mail with you, but I don't understand how to take the train, and I don't know where to stop!

Percy felt sorry for Whiff. Stan and Kyle told Whiff all the routes, and where to stop. He listened carefully, trying to remember.

Stan Marsh: ...and that's how it's done, and the stops!

Kyle Broflovski: I hope you feel confident now.

Whiff was nervous, and pretended that he knew the routes.

Stan Marsh: Good, you must know then!

Kyle Broflovski: You've a lot of parcels to deliver: some for Farmer McColl, some for the children's party at Maithwaite, and some for the school.

Whiff didn't know which of the parcels to deliver first.

Whiff: Maybe I should go to Farmer McColl's, or maybe the school.

Whiff arrived to a junction, where Thomas was waiting with Annie and Clarabel.

Homestar Jr: Hello, Poopsmith! Are you and Whiff delivering the mail today?

The Poopsmith didn't answer. You see, some time ago, he took a vow of silence, and one spoke by holding up signs. But he does have a voice, somewhere in him.

The Poopsmith: {nods head}

Homestar Jr.: I'll take that as a "yes". You too will be good at delivering it as Percy!

Whiff wanted to ask Thomas where to deliver first, but didn't want to act silly. The signal changed, and Whiff watched Thomas puff away, and he was still worried.

Whiff decided to take the parcels to the children's party first. He didn't know Percy's delivered parcels in a special order. He accidentally left Farmer McColl's parcels with the children!

Whiff puffed across the countryside. He delivered parcels to the school, and he finally delivered the rest to Farmer McColl.

Whiff: That was easy! I made all deliveries and didn't ask anyone how to do it!

Whiff felt very proud, and very relived. But Sir Topham Hatt got a lot of phone calls. Whiff delivered the wrong parcels to the wrong places! He was waiting for him at Kellsthorpe Station.

Sir Topham Hatt: Whiff, I thought you could manage Percy's job today, but I was wrong. What do you have to say about it?

Whiff: I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know the mail route. I didn't want to be foolish in front of everybody.

Sir Topham Hatt: Thank you for owning up, Whiff. Now pick up the parcels again and Percy will help you.

Whiff sadly picked up all the deliveries. He was going too fast, and raced past Emily at a junction.

Emily: Be careful, Whiff! The points are leading to a barrier!

Whiff didn't hear Emily and raced on. Suddenly, he rattled round a bend and straight into a barrier!

Whiff: Oh, no!

Just then, Percy arrived, with Sir Topham Hatt. Whiff wasn't expecting a visit from him.

Sir Topham Hatt: What on earth?! Why are you in this mess?

Poor Whiff was so fed up, he started to cry.

Whiff: {sniffling} I was rushing around, and didn't want to let you down!

Sir Topham Hatt: Well, you should have let Percy come with you.

Percy took the mail from Whiff, and Whiff was at the fitters to have his bufferbeam fixed. Percy had delivered the mail around the Island, and he returned back at Knapford, and he saw Whiff.

Whiff: I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.

Percy: It seems the North Eastern way let you down.

Whiff: {smiles} My old age and parts might've let me down!

Percy and Whiff are now good friends. Now, Whiff decides Percy should take the mail, and that he should do the jobs that are good for him.


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