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Whistles & Horns, Renamed 2 Seprate Stories Called James' Whistle & 10 Cents' Horn In American Releases Is The Season 14 Finale.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)

                    Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                    Joseph J. Terry (US)


  • James
  • Stewie
  • 10 Cents
  • Oliver
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Thomas (Cameo In James' Whistle)
  • Edward (Cameo In James' Whistle)
  • Henry (Cameo In James' Whistle & 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Gordon (Cameo In James Whistle)
  • Percy (Cameo In James' Whistle & 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Toby (Cameo In James' Whistle)
  • Donald & Douglas (Cameos In James' Whistle & 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Oliver (Cameo In James' Whistle)
  • Emily (Cameo In James' Whistle)
  • Duck (Cameo In 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Boco (Cameo In 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Stepney (Does Not Speak In 10 Cents' Horn)
  • Bill & Ben (Deleted Scene Cameos In James Whistle)
  • Terance (Deleted Scene Cameo In 10 Cents' Horn)


James Tells A Lie To Stewie That He Has No Whistle. 10 Cents Takes Oliver To Tidmouth Halt Works To Test His Horn.


  • Bill & Ben Were To Appear In James' Whistle, But It Was Cut.
  • Terance Was To Appear In 10 Cents' Horn, But It Was Cut.

Transcript (UK Version)

  • Narrator: It Was A Busy Time At Knapford Station. All The Engines Were Working Hard Pulling & Pushing Coaches & Goods Trains. James Was Waiting For His Next Journey. Near Him Stood Stewie.
  • Stewie: Hello, James! You Look Cheerful As My Yellow Paint!
  • James: I'm Unhappy, Stewie.
  • Stewie: See You Later, James!
  • Narrator: James Was Still Cross When He Was In The Sheds. The Next Morning, Stewie Took Him To Wellsworth Sheds.
  • James: What A Small Shed! This Won't Do At All!
  • Stewie: I Think It's Nice.
  • James: I Don't Take It For This Old Rabbint!
  • Narrator: Soon, Everyone Was At Tidmouth Sheds.
  • (Whistles Blowing)
  • Sir Topham Hatt: STOP THAT NOISE!
  • (Whistles Blowing)
  • Sir Topham Hatt: PLEASE! STOP THAT NOISE!!!!!
  • (Whistles Blowing)
  • Sir Topham Hatt: AWW!!! ARGGGH!!!!!!!!!! STOP THAT NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Whistles Blowing)
  • Sir Topham Hatt: AAAAAAAAAAGHRH!!!!!!! STOP THAT NOISE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Whistles Blowing)
  • Narrator: Later, The Whistles Stoped Blowing.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I Don't Like How You All Behaved Tonight, Little Engines!
  • Narrator: The Next Day, 10 Cents Was Happy On His Branch Line. At Abbey Station, He Met Oliver Feeling Sorry For Himself.
  • Oliver: Can You Take Me To Tidmouth Halt Works?
  • 10 Cents: Of Course!
  • Narrator: So He Took Oliver To Kelstrope Road Station. The Fat Controller Was Waiting For Them.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: 10 Cents, You Must Take Oliver To Tidmouth Halt Works. Stepney Will Wait Here While You 2 Are Away.
  • Narrator: But They Did Arrive, Because They Saw Tidmouth Halt Station. The Junction Led To Tidmouth Halt Works.
  • 10 Cents: This Will Do Your Job, Oliver!
  • (Oliver's Horn Honking 10 Times)
  • Narrator: So, 10 Cents Took Oliver Back To Kelstrope Road Station. Oliver Felt Proud.

Transcript (US Joseph J. Terry/Michael Brandon Version)

Transcript (US Michael Angelis Version)

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