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 WhiteLance Films

WhiteLance Films is an idependent amatuer filmmaking company in Nova Scotia, Canada. Until 1999, the company was run by Michael Ray Fox and Corey Strong. But, Corey sold his half of ownership to Michael.

Michael started making films at as early as 1995. His first minor film, 'X', was based off Capcom's Mega Man X video games.

Michael's latest short film, A Lesser Sort of War, is a 10-minute doctumentary based on Joseph Howe. The film is a true story of a duel fought in 1840. Howe was challenged by the son of the chief justice of Nova Scotia over an accusation of libel for writing an article in defense of the underpriveledged. This film was released in 2007.


X (1995) - A 48-minute summary of Mega Man X, a game made by Capcom in the 1990's.

Chameleon (1996) - An early horror film about a half-man-half-monster who is desguised as a young boy's next-door neighbor.

The Legend of Zelda (1996) - A film based on The Legend of Zelda games by Nintendo. This is the first of the Legendary Hero Trilogy.

X2 (1997) - The sequel to X.

The Melon Street Money Pit (1997) - The story of 2 brothers who cheat a gangster and have to pay him back 10,000.

Secret of the TriForce (1997) - The 2nd part of the Legendary Hero Trilogy.

Melon Street Money Pit 2 (1998) - The sequel to the original. The brothers have to find a ghost that is haunting a house.

The Living Impaired (1998) -

The Hyrulean Adventure (1998) - The 3rd and Final installment in the Legendary Hero Trilogy.

Death's Apprentace (1999) -

Cronica (1999) -

The Artifact (2000) -

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