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Of all the deadliest and cruelest beings in the universe, the White Toa tops them all. The White Toa is the very being that betrayed the universe and his friends to help the Brotherhood of Makuta. The White Toa is downright cruel, often giving his enemeis the most torture before he kills them, or feeds them to his body.

The White Toa is believed to have come from the Lost Isle of Shadows, though why a White Toa would live on an island inhabited by Toa Cannibals with black armor is unknown. However, sometime in his life, the White Toa devastated half the island, and fled from the Lost Isle.

He then joined the VIraknion Toa on Metru Nui, often going on covert missions to defeat Brotherhood of Makuta emissiaries. This was no doubt when he fell in line with the group.

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