"White Trash" is an episode of the science fiction TV series Lexx.

Plot summary

In White Trash, the Golleans, a family of cannibal rednecks, has stowed away in the Lexx. The family consists of a father named "Pa", two sons - a lecherous idiot named Junior and a surprisingly intelligent boy named "Norb" - and one daughter, the sexy but stupid Sissy. The Golleans are originally from the planet Vermal, but when the planet's population was brought to the Cluster the Golleans "excaped", hiding on the Lexx. At the end of the previous episode, Love Grows, Pa Gollean pounces on the unsuspecting guest stars, fearsomely announcing "the funnin's just begunnin'!" Having eaten them, the Golleans emerge from hiding in White Trash and take over the ship. After a night of passion with Sissy Gollean, Stanley Tweedle is caught by the jealous Pa Gollean (it is strongly implied that the Golleans are highly incestuous), who plans to kill Stan until Sissy convinces him to let them get married instead. Pa agrees, and then forces Stan to steer the ship to Vermal so Pa can get revenge on the remaining inhabitants. When they get near, Junior and Xev go down to the surface and are captured by Daddy Gollean, the leader of the remaining Gollean clan on Vermal. Meanwhile, Norb and Kai go down to the surface and we learn that Norb is actually not Pa's son, but the result of an affair between Pa's wife and a visiting space pilot.

During an argument, an enraged Pa kills Sissy by pushing her off the Lexx's bridge. Then Junior is killed by the Golleans on Vermal, but Kai rescues Xev from suffering the same fate. Stan then blows up Vermal on Pa's order. When Kai and Xev return to the Lexx Pa runs and hides from Kai, but is ultimately devoured Lykka, the ship's murderous but generally good-natured plant-woman. Norb escapes in his own ship, and returns in the episode, Norb.

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