What is Whiteblack?

Whiteblack is the opposite of Blackwhite. In George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty Four, Blackwhite demands the indoctrination to state propaganda. Whiteblack, in short, means the acceptance of the truth, despite the contrary. Whiteblack implies that there is absolute truth, and that the truth is unchageable - meaning the past could not be changed, altered, and undone.

Where is it used?

Whiteblack is a term that could be employed everywhere, and anywhere, in any situation. Normally, the term should be used for political, and personal gain. It is a voabulary term used to decribe very complicated, and yes be able to simplify the complexities of doublethink.

Why is it used that Way?

Whiteblack exists because the term, Blackwhite exists. There are twofold reasons for it to exist - one is to complement the attributes of doublethink. If doublethink is a mystery term, please read the article on, doublethink. The term is very modern, in fact, recent. Few people knows of the term, and still fewer people use it in its applications.

How does the end justify the means of whiteblack?

Whiteblack, although the word did not come from 1984., the political satire of George Orwell, the term could be implicity be implied in 1984. Newspeak is the new creation of new words - but the destruction of, "useless vaocublary," as stated by Syme. Whiteblack is a B Vaocubulary word - in the proper context of the dictionary on Newspeak.

Moral Issues of Whiteblack

There are many moral issues involved in the new terminology of whiteblack. Morally - it is a defensive strategy used by psychological warfare-intrgued individuals - almost everyone is a psychological warrior in some way. There is no doubt of that. The term, therefore, is used to enforce not only loyalty from friends, but to eliminate foes ability to think, and criticise the actions of one.

The Orwellian Paradox

The Orwellian Paradox a term implied by researchers, and late philosophers who are dialectal in their reasoning, called, "dialectical philosophy," realized that after some thought, and mental researching, there is a paradox. How is it possible for Orwell to deny, and accept the words of the government, if he himself felt that there was something misplaced about the government's handling of the war in Burma, and the spread of the media. The fact that the government controlled the media, and still do today, shows that whiteblack is now almost indivisible, subtle, and difficult to penetrate. The problem was that Orwell did not like the government of England, and felt that they were manipulating the masses. That is true, but how was it possible that Orwell eventually saw the good in his coercion to the state, by the near-end of his life.

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