Name: Vinny Leon

Age: 13-14

Gender: Female

Species: Anthro white cat with black stripes and Sith-like amber eyes.

Allegiance: She often leans towards darkness, but considers herself on the good side. Most of the time. You can make her the one who's always in danger of betraying the whole bunch of AF's for a bag of money.

Personality: -Deadpan Snarker covers everything ( She's also quite mean and while she says it's concrit it will often come out sounding like a flame (eg 'Your fanfic is full of Mary-Sues and I bet you haven't even taken a character test. You're worse than Tara Gilesbie, you are') Often wearing black clothes (such as a black shirt and pants, as well as a red tie) Vinny loves to shoehorn herself into that of a rebel or a renegade...and loves it. (I bet you'll have fun writing all the mean aspects of her character...)

Despite all that, Vinny is capable of rescuing her fellow Author Fighters whenever they need help, though it usually entails a sort of favour or a snide remark. Usually a snide remark. However some people can spot a bit of a warm heart inside of her...way deep inside of her!

Past: She was raised in a warm loving family environment, albeit with five siblings jostling for attention in the rich Leon household. To satiate their daughter Mr and Mrs Leon rather spoiled her rotten, cultivating her mean and nasty personality as well as a love for riches. An embarassing secret is that she will often talk to a stuffed plushie of a rat, named Mr Fiffington, which was the first thing her parents got for her when she discovered whining could get her whatever she wanted. Mr Fiffington is in a very bad condition, having been a bit of a punching bag for her emotions as a kid, but overall Vinny's softer side comes out with Fiffington.


-She's not a team player and will often absolutely refuse to listen to others unless she gains something from it.

-She does not have any speshul powers, as an anthro cat she relies on tooth and claw. She can use a handgun but swords and sabers are beyond her.

-She'll do anything for Mr Fiffington.

-She's the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet.

-Basically, take all the mean girls and dumb jocks who've ever teased you and made you feel worthless = Vinny Leon in a nutshell.

I created Vinny as a punching bag for all my emotions, but as time went on she became more and more of me (or did I become more and more of her?) So she's mean, she's a rebel, antihero, and while she might not befit the squeaky clean image of an Author Fighter, Vinny is certainly one of her kind. I mean, how many other authors can proudly say their favourite OC is a horrible person?

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