Whitney Be Deep is SuperMalechi's Friturtoons episode.


  • Whitney, who's not exactly good at singing, gets Ash's help on getting a better voice, but not the voice Ash was expecting.


  • US Narrator: Duane Lawrence.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.


  • Ash
  • Whitney
  • Marli
  • Mrs. Tennyson.
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Wario
  • Audrey (cameo)
  • Carmen (cameo)
  • Calina (cameo)
  • Mailee (cameo)

Featured music


  • Narrator: It was a quiet day on Puzzle League Village. Ash was playing Super Mario Bros 2 on the SNES.
  • Ash: Come on, Toad. You can do it.
  • (Toad throws an egg on Birdo)
  • Ash: Yes! Two more to go.
  • Narrator: He was just about to beat Birdo when...
  • Whitney: (singing)
  • Ash: (pauses the game) Whitney! That pink haired woman was singing too much.
  • Narrator: Ash left the SNES, went out of his room and hurried to see Whitney.
  • Ash: (opens the door) Whitney, what are you singing?
  • Whitney: (stops singing) Ash, i'm a ballerina. I'm practicing my singing.
  • Ash: (indignantly) Whitney, i order you to stop singing!
  • Whitney: (sobs quietly)
  • Ash: All right, Whitney. Don't cry.
  • Whitney: (stops sobbing) Okay.
  • Ash: Good. Come on, Whitney, follow me to my lab.
  • Narrator: Ash and Whitney were at the lab.
  • Ash: Okay, Whitney. All you need is to train yourself and sing.
  • Whitney: Yes, Ash. I will!

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