LittlefootRockz's movie-spoof of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".


  • Roger Rabbit - Elmo (Sesame Street)
  • Eddie Valiant - Grandpa Longneck (The Land Before Time)
  • Baby Herman - Baby Natasha (Sesame Street)
  • Jessica Rabbit - Ingrid (Sesame Street)
  • Dolores - Grandma Longneck (The Land Before Time)
  • Judge Doom - Sharptooth (The Land Before Time)
  • Smarty Weasel - Grover (Sesame Street)
  • Greasy Weasel - Ernie (Sesame Street)
  • Wheezy Weasel - Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street)
  • Stupid Weasel - Mutt (The Land Before Time)
  • Psycho Weasel - Hyp (The Land Before Time)
  • Benny the Taxi Cap - Thomas the Tank Engine
  • R.K. Maroon - Rex (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story)
  • Marvin Acme - Sam the Eagle (Muppets)
  • Mickey Mouse - Baby Kermit (Muppet Babies)
  • Donald Duck - Baby Gonzo (Muppet Babies)
  • Bugs Bunny - Big Bird (Sesame Street)
  • Daffy Duck - Littlefoot (The Land Before Time)
  • Dumbo - Rhett (The Land Before Time)
  • Gorilla Sercurity Guard - Doc (The Land Before Time)
  • Yosemite Sam - Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)
  • Tweety - Petrie (The Land Before Time)
  • Goofy - Bert (Sesame Street)
  • Droopy - Snuffy (Sesame Street)
  • Betty Bop - Granny Bird (Sesame Street)
  • Cartoon Judge Doom - Old Sharptooth (The Land Before Time)

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