GumballRockz's movie-spoof of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"


  • Gumball (from The Amazing World of Gumball) as Roger Rabbit
  • Eddie Valiant as Himself
  • Kitty Katswell (from T.U.F.F. Puppy) as Jessica Rabbit
  • Anais (from The Amazing World Of Gumball) as Baby Herman
  • Gaston (from Beauty And The Beast) as Judge Doom
  • Geppetto (from Pinocchio) as Dolores
  • Shaw (from Open Season) as Marvin Acme
  • Stromboli (from Pinocchio) as R.K. Maroon
  • Rigby (from Regular Show) as Mickey Mouse
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (from Sonic X) as Bugs Bunny
  • Mordecai (from Regular Show) as Donald Duck
  • Darwin (from The Amazing World of Gumball) as Daffy Duck
  • Prince John (from Robin Hood) as Smarty Weasel
  • King Dedede (from Kirby Right Back at Ya!) as Greasy Weasel
  • Heff Heffalump (from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) as Stupid Weasel
  • Ratigan (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Wheezy Weasel
  • Stan Woozle (from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) as Psycho Weasel
  • Lumpy (from Pooh's Heffalump Movie) as Dumbo
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Security Guard
  • Hades (from Hercules) as Yosemite Sam
  • Oliver, Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz, Dinah And Figaro (from Oliver And Company, The Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland And Pinocchio) as Shoes
  • Wart (Bird) (from The Sword in The Stone) as Tweety Bird
  • Hokey Wolf as Goofy
  • Spongebob as Benny the Cab
  • Adult Copper (from The Fox And The Hound) as Droopy
  • Cinderella (from Cinderella) as Betty Boop
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse) as Cartoon Judge Doom
  • Caillou (from Caillou) as Pinocchio
  • Wheezy (from Toy Story 2) as Woody Woodpecker
  • Lucifer (from Cinderella) as Sylvester
  • Farley The Fox (from Charlotte's Web 2) as Big Bad Wolf
  • Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty) as Lena Hyena
  • Cartoon Animals as Other Toons

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