JuanTheBarkerBirdRockz's Channel's movie-spoof of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"


  • Roger Rabbit - Jose (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Baby Herman - Clyde (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Eddie Valiant - Fritz (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Jessica Rabbit - Gigi (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Judge Doom - Pierre (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Bugs Bunny - Eddy (Pororo the Little Penguin)
  • Mickey Mouse - Buzzy the Crow
  • Daffy Duck - Waldo (Muppet*Vision 3D)
  • Donald Duck - Rody (Pororo the Little Penguin)
  • Goofy - Tong-tong (Pororo the Little Penguin)
  • The Gorilla - King Kong
  • The Toon Patrol - Claude (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • R.K. Maroon - Nico (Rio)
  • Marvin Acme - Morris (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Dumbo - Harry (Pororo the Little Penguin)
  • Woody Woodpecker - Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)
  • Willie E. Coyote - Sam Eagle (Muppet*Vision 3D)
  • Road Runner - Gonzo (Muppet*Vision 3D)
  • Porky Pig - Pauly Parrot (Kimba the White Lion)
  • Tweety - The Termite-Ator (It's Tough To be a Bug!)
  • Sylvester - Sonny the Cuckoo Bird (Cocoa Puffs)
  • The Singing Sword - William (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Benny the Cab - Zazu (The Lion King)
  • The Penguin Waiters - Penguins (Muppet*Vision 3D)
  • Dolores - Susette (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • The Big Bad Wolf - Nigel (Rio)
  • Betty Boop - Josephine (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  • Yosemite Sam - Toucan Dan (Timon & Pumbaa)

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