• Oswald as Roger Rabbit
  • Rainbow Dash (from Equestria Girls) as Jessica Rabbit
  • Wreck-It Ralph (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Eddie Valiant
  • King Candy (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Judge Doom
  • Turbo (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Toon Judge Doom
  • Merida (from Brave) as Dolores
  • Gene (from Wreck-It Ralph) as R.K. Maroon
  • Fix-It Felix Jr. (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Marvin Acme
  • Dagnino (from Noah's ark) as Smarty
  • Coco (from Noah's ark) as Greasy
  • Patricio (from Noah's ark) as Psycho
  • Wolfgang (from Noah's ark) as Wheezy
  • Cachito (from Noah's ark) as Stupid
  • Mickey Mouse as himself
  • Bugs Bunny as himself
  • Donald Duck as himself
  • Daffy Duck as himself
  • Ajax the Gorilla (from Donald Duck and the Gorilla) as Bongo the Gorilla
  • Gloria (from Madagascar) as Hyacinth Hippo

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