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Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 is an American live action and animation hybrid movie, which takes place in the present day. Cartoon Characters will possibly be new cartoons from the 90's, 2000's and 2010's and will make some cameos in the film. It will star Bob Hopkins as Eddie Valiant, Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit, Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit, Joanna Cassidy as Dolores and Lou Hirsch as Baby Herman, and the new ones, Shia LeBeouf as Daniel, the new arrival of Hollywood; Jackie Earle Harley as Will, a prisoner who escaped in prison; Jonah Hill as a friend of Daniel's; and introducing Miley Cyrus as Andera.


  • Bob Hopskins as Eddie Valiant
  • Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit
  • Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit
  • Joanna Cassidy as Dolores
  • Lou Hirsch as Baby Herman
  • Shia LeBeouf as Daniel
  • Jackie Earl Harley as Will
  • Jonah Hill as John
  • Miley Cyrus as Andrea
  • Toons as themselves

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