• Thomas as Roger Rabbit
  • Mad Jack as Daffy Duck
  • Sawtooth as Donald Duck
  • Emily as Jessica Rabbit
  • Bowser as the Gorllia
  • Mario as Eddie Valent
  • Razorbeard as Judge Doom
  • Wallace as Lutinet
  • Smudger as Smart Ass
  • Muttley as Greasy
  • Bowser Jr. as Wheezy
  • Mr. L as Psycho
  • Mr. Snoops as Stupid
  • Marge as Doroisas
  • Casey Jr. as Benny
  • Island of Sodor as Toontown
  • Rayman as Mickey Mouse
  • Sonic as Bugs Bunny
  • Snuk as Goofy
  • Ivor as Woody Woodpecker
  • Chris Griffin as Slyvester
  • Johnny as Marvin ACME
  • Globox as Baby Hurman
  • Luigi as Eddie's brother
  • Tigger as Pinocchio
  • Rabbit as Porkey Pig
  • Pooh Bear as Big Bad Wolf
  • Robotnik as Yousitmente Sam
  • Jano as Tasmanian Devil
  • Globox's kids as Shoes
  • Dip as Itself
  • Lois Griffin as Betty Boop
  • Peter Griffin as Droopy
  • Stewie Griffin as Dumbo
  • Meg Griffin as Tweety
  • Diddy and Yoshi as Fifer Pig and Fiddler Pig
  • Tails as Practical Pig (deleted)

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