About who we think will attend the FIC Art of Community Event. The event will attract participation from a few different constituencies;


  1. Actual Intentional Communities, mostly in Seattle area, but will reach out strongly to all WA, as well as OR & BC
    1. NICA has mined the FIC Directory to develop strong information on these groups. It also has listing for a number of communities that are not in the directory
    2. The Coho/US Directory is de-coupling from the FIC Directory, and may develop independent lists of Cohousing Communities and Projects in Formation between now and the event
  2. Organizations that support community or sustainability
    1. Syd Fredrickson appears well connected to these orgs
  3. Organizations that offer goods and services relating to community
    1. Cohousing companies
    2. There are may various broader community service orgs
  4. Organizations that offer goods and services which relating to sustainability
    1. Many companies offer products that sell themselves as sustainable


  1. People living in community
    1. Coho/US maintains a database of individuals who've contacted either that organization or one of a few collaborating cohousing companies
    2. FIC has databases of FIC members, people who have bought stuff from them, and possibly people who have attended past events
  2. People who are interested in living in community or supporting intentional communities more broadly
    1. Again, Coho/US and FIC will be core resources for these
  3. People interested in sustainability issues
    1. Its likely that there are many social entrepeneurs that would be included in this bucket
    2. People interested in alternative energy, Peak Oil, etc.??
    3. People interested in organic gardening, permaculture, etc.??
    4. People interested in health and wellbeing??

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