4th grade clips and roger rabbit sounds

Frankie as roger rabbit

Elizabeth as jessica rabbit

Jason as eddie valiant

Wicket as Baby Herman

Sean as Judge doom

The Robber as toon Judge doom

Bear as benny the cab

The gripps group as weasels

Captain America from (The Avengers) as Mickey Mouse

Superman from (Justice League) as Bugs Bunny

Green Arrow from (Justice League) as Daffy Duck

Thor from (The Avengers) as Goofy

Pinnochio from (Shrek) as Pinnochio

Ducky as Woody Woodpecker

Atom from (Justice League) as Tweety Bird


  • Jason/eddie valiant: holy smokes he's a toon
  • Sean/judge doom: suprised?
  • Jason/eddie valiant: not really, only a lamebrain will come up with an idea by being cook by a toon
  • Sean/judge doom: Not just any toon (Sean/judge doom uses oxygens to pump himself, then his hat and eyes fall out and reveals him as the The Robber/toon judge doom)
  • Robber/toon judge doom: Remember me jason, when i killed your brother i talk just like thhhiiiisssss (then his eyes turn into rockets)
  • Robber/Toon Judge Doom: Huh!? (jason use the mallet to turn on the dip)
  • Robber/Toon Judge Doom: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (The robber falls down into the dip)
  • Elizabeth/Jessica Rabbit: goodbye frank goodbye aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh
  • Robber/Toon Judge Doom: I'm Melting. Melting. (The Robber dies from the dip)

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