Whopper and Company 2: Return to the Magic is the sequel of Whopper and Company (film). This film is also an animated musical debut

Plot: Whopper has a happy life with his owner, Miss Chatterbox. Together they spent fun adventures. One day, Miss Chatterbox and Whopper went to see their friends perform at a circus. They watched the show until Nose Marie looses her balance. After the show, Mr. Fussy comes in and informed Miss Magic that Mr. Grumpy wanted revenge on her by taking away all her money. He said that Miss Magic and her team of magical dogs were bankrupt. Nobody can see the show at that time because there was no money to be sold. Then, Miss Magic had an idea. She would join a talent contest so that she can get her money back. Surprisingly, it turns out that Mr. Grumpy was the CEO of the contest! Miss Magic was sure that he surrended when he suddenly announced to the audience about giving her money back while starring on an ad for the contest, but Mr. Fussy does not take it seriously. Whopper sets out to find his old friends. Finally, the dogs reunited. Whopper told his friends that he would love to join the contest after he admitted what Mr. Fussy said was right about him for eating too much. Mr. Fussy also said that feeding him will be a burden to his family. So he helped venerable Cooler, his best friend and leader of the troupe, friendly, lovesick but dim witted Reflex, ravishing Nose Marie, live wire Howler and strict and fussy Beamer rediscover their passion for show business and reinvent magic tricks. The dogs knew that joining the contest will help their magician mistress and soon, Miss Magic will get her money back from Mr. Grumpy, so that people can buy money to see her show again and save the magical circus show.


Whopper: An adorable golden retriever puppy who lives a happy life with his owner, Miss Chatterbox. He helped his old friends save the magical circus show by stopping Mr. Grumpy, who stole money from all over Dillydale. He also joins their show as a conjurer and juggler by juggling his friends.

Cooler: The venerable beagle/bloodhound mix leader of the troupe, star of the show and Whopper's best friend. He was Miss Magic's favorite dog and star. He usually helps her while she was performing her first trick by trying to make him emerge from her hat like a rabbit. Now, he is known as Cooler, the High Flying Beagle by Miss Magic because of his passion for acrobatics. He usually swoops off his trapeze swing after flying it and juggled balls while landing on top of Nose Marie's head.

Beamer: The strict and fussy Scottish terrier of the group. He usually helps Miss Magic while she was performing her stick in the hole trick. Now, he does a Trapeze act.

Howler: The live wire pug of the group. He usually helps Miss Magic while she was performing her ring trick. Now, he is known as Howler: Pug of Steel by Miss Magic because of his passion for being a strong dog. He lifts a barbell that was heavier than he was. Sometimes, he was nervous and wasn't sure of himself on stage. As a result, he dropped his barbell with a crash.

Nose Marie: The ravishing boxer/bloodhound mix of the group and Cooler's love interest. She usually helps Miss Magic while she was performing her telepathy act with Reflex. Now, she is known as Nose Marie: The Daring Dog, Starring in High Wire Boxer by Miss Magic because of her passion for walking the tightrope. Sometimes, she easily loses her balance because she was afraid of heights.

Reflex: The friendly, lovesick but dim witted Schnoodle of the group. He usually helps Miss Magic while she was performing her telepathy act with Nose Marie. Now, he is known as Reflex: The Extreme Schnoodle because of his passion for daredevil stunts like Miss Daredevil. He even wears a similar helmet and a similar pair of rocket boots, as well as a similar jet pack. Sometimes, his rocket boots can go out of control and can cause chaos during his act.

Bright Eyes: Howler's love interest, a sassy Cavalier King Charles spaniel who was also Miss Chatterbox's pet. She gives up her six time national champion trophies to live back in her normal life and her arrogance has dropped down and now she becomes more friendly to her new friends. She even joins the troupe by performing a High Jumping act. She and Whopper are very close now. She is no longer a jealous dog.

Miss Magic: The magician mistress of Cooler and his troupe. Sometimes, her magic was defective, but most of the time, she was able to perform magic tricks properlly with the correct spells. Now, her spells doesn't go wrong anymore like it used to. Besides performing as a magician and doing her usual magic tricks with her dogs, now she becomes a host and announces each of her dogs' acts. She also called her show "Miss Magic and Her Amazing Dogs: A Magical Circus" now, no longer "Miss Magic: Dillydale's Greatest Magician".

Miss Chatterbox: Whopper's chatty owner who loves her dog. She often goes to the magic show to see her puppy perform and cheers him and his friends on.

Mr. Fussy: Miss Chatterbox's sister who is also her bodyguard. He also watches Miss Magic's show with his chatty sister.

Mr. Grumpy, Cliff and Butch: This loan shark and his bulldogs were back for revenge on Miss Magic. They began stealing people's money, causing the show to become bankrupt because people had no money to watch the show. Cliff and Butch, the two bulldogs began to play more pranks on Cooler and his troupe.

The cast from the first film returns and there were a couple of new songs from the movie

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