By Timothy McHugh:

The following is a list of why The Original Series in Star Trek is better than The Next Generation:

1) TOS is original and is based on quality, while TNG was plagairistic and ripping off episodes of Kirk's show.

2) Kirk and his crew were able to disable a Bugle snack-shaped Planet Killer in the TOS episode, THe Doomsday Machine. Picard and his unoriginal crew would have lost dearly if they ever fought that very same Death Star-like BUGLE SNACK!

3) The TOS Motion Pictures are very good in quality and each take on a personality of their own, while the shotty TNG Flicks are all the same type of crap and easy to come up with and rip-offs of nnnot only TOS Films, but other non-Star Trek stories like Star Wars.

4) TOS motivated people to be scientists, engineers, and other people of greatness. It motivated me to be the designer of a future intersteller spacecraft dubbed "Project Orion II" to be launched twenty-five years or so after the first manned Mars mission. It also motivated mew to stand up to manly bigots to protect effeminate guys. Picard's show did not motivate people of greatness, and for me, it launched and fed an Anti-Star Wars Fanatisism (ASWF), especially an Anti-X-Wing Orion Crisis (AXWOC) (Friday, December 25, 1998-Saturday, September 13, 2008) based on wanting to be tough on the outside while being scard inside.

5) If Picard were a Mickey Mouse character, he would be Donald Duck, due to his joyless and crabby attitude. Kirk, would be liek Mickey Mouse of course.]

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