Why Unite? is a political party based on Nalyd Island. Its official color is Amber, the primary color of the island's flag.


One of the earliest parties to be incorporated after formation in August 1 AU, Why Unite was originally incorporated as the Nalyd Party. It changed its name in April 2 AU in order to appeal to a wider electorate.

Political Position

Why Unite? is a federalist party which believes in independence for the island of Nalyd in the Vovatra Ocean. On a national scale, it supports independence of regions across the planet. It is the most vocally anti-Unification party in parliament.

Voting Base

The party's voting base is effectively the island of Nalyd. Nearly all native Nalyd there vote for the party. It receives few votes off-island.


Due to its federalist nature, Why Unite? is a member of LibFed; however, it has said that it only is in this alliance out of convenience, and party leadership would have no qualms about abandoning its allies.


Why Unite? has about 2.4% of the planet-wide vote. By comparidon, Nalyd's population makes up about 2.5% of the total planetary population.

The party has two seats in the lower house of parliament. It is a member of the official opposition on the national level.

On the local level, Why Unite? dominates the politics of the entire island of Nalyd, but has no representation anywhere else (one seat gained on the Sun Peninsula in a local council was held for just one year).

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