• Would you guys explain in the comments below why you hate Salty's Lighthouse?


First off, I would like to make it clear that I DO NOT hate Salty's Lighthouse.

However, I think that a better version of an Americanized TUGS would be a series featuring the original plotlines but featuring the voice actors who worked on Salty's Lighthouse.

Some of the SL TUGS episode segments (Including Top Hat, Grampus, and the Pirate, Otis the Movie Star, The Missing Barge, Zug Gets Blamed, The Earthquake, Lord Stinker Saves the Day, Boomer's Bad Luck, and even Steamer Feels Left Out) are pretty well written, but sometimes the footage could have been edited better (specifically, the scenes of Female Sunshine constantly changing from white to yellow).

I think another good reason why TUGS should have had a second season was so that there would be more footage to use of the characters with less continuity errors.

However, SL isn't without its redeeming qualities, specifically the beautifully restored footage, and the fact that several AoStH voice actors worked on the show, specifically the late Long John Baldry, (Dr. Robotnik) who voiced Top Hat, Hercules, and Stanley/Chooch and Ian James Corlett (Coconuts), who voiced Ten Cents, Zip, Otis, Lord Stinker, and Z.B.


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